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Temporary Trusteeship

To: Local 41 Membership

From: Edward McEwan, Temporary Trustee of Local 41

Date: September 22, 2022

Re: Temporary Trusteeship of Local 41

By Resolution 04-22 passed by the Sector Executive Council (“SEC”) on September 22, 2022, the SEC has appointed me to serve as a Trustee for NABET-CWA Local 41. The SEC has this authority under Article 5, Section 5.6(O) of the Sector Bylaws, and under Section 302 of the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (“LMRDA”). I have assumed temporary control over the administration of the Local. I may be contacted at:

The SEC took the extraordinary step of placing Local 41 under a temporary Trusteeship in order to 1) restore democratic procedures in the Local; 2) correct financial malpractice; and 3) to otherwise carry out the objectives of NABET-CWA. Local officers and members have reported facts to the Sector which reveal numerous serious violations of the Local and Sector Bylaws, the CWA Constitution, and federal labor law, including:

1. The failure to elect members of the Local 41 Executive Board by secret ballot election, as required by the Bylaws, CWA Constitution, and federal labor law;

2. The failure to process challenges to the Local Officer election in accordance with the Bylaws;

3. The alteration and falsification of Local 41 Executive Board meeting minutes;

4. The discrimination and retaliation against Local 41 members who were or supported former officers, by conduct including but not limited to banning members from the Local 41 office; publishing sensitive personal and personnel information (including home addresses) in the NABET 41 Quarterly Update; and publishing a falsified excerpt from the Local Executive Board meeting minutes in the Quarterly Update;

5. The failure of the Local President and Treasurer to pay compensation owed to the former Local President, where the payment was approved by the Local Executive Board at its March 30, 2022 meeting, and the act has forced the Local to spend thousands of dollars defending its violation of state law;

6. The failure of the Local to transmit dues to the Sector for more than six months, resulting in the automatic suspension from membership of every Local 41 member who relies on the Local to transmit dues to the Sector (i.e. members not on dues checkoff); and

7. The approval of payments to Local Officers for “work” done on the officers’ personal time (i.e. when the officer was not scheduled to work), in violation of the Local Bylaws.

In the coming weeks, I will work with Local 41 stewards and members to restore democratic procedures, and sound financial practices, to Local 41. I can be reached during normal business hours at:

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