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DISNEY/ABC – COVID-19 Vaccination Policy


DISNEY/ABC – COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

August 26, 2021


NABET-CWA is aware that ABC/Disney HR has issued an email to our members concerning the Company’s COVID-19 vaccination policy.

NABET-CWA has not reached a comprehensive agreement with the Company on COVID-19 vaccines. The Union has had discussions with Labor Relations, to voice its position that the Company should follow all recommendations of the CDC and state and local governments in order to provide our members with the safest workplace possible. At the same time, the Company must ensure that members with medical conditions who cannot get the vaccine, and members with sincerely-held religious beliefs regarding vaccinations, are accommodated to allow their safe, continued employment.

NABET-CWA will keep you advised of any progress made on this serious issue, and will announce any and all agreements as they are made. Please, as always, disregard all rumors, and wait for official Union announcements.

In Solidarity,
President Arthur Mazzacca (Local 16)
President Bob Williams (Local 31)
President Chris Willadsen (Local 41)
President Carrie Biggs-Adams (Local 51)
NABET-CWA President Charlie Braico


Please note that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) has a free and confidential complaint and mediation process which can be utilized if the Company denies your request for a reasonable accommodation.

Contact to find your nearest office. Due to the pandemic, virtual and telephone consultations are an option.

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